Trade Crypto Like a PRO
With World Class 
Automated Crypto Trading Bot
with artificial intelligence

¿What’s Cryptomachine?

It’s a proprietary machine-learning algorithm for analyzing stocks, executing automated Trading en el Modotrades, and tracking wallets across multiple cryptocurrency exchanges.

  • Choose an investment amount.

  • Set a time frame and run the algorithm.

  • The algorithm will close trades automatically (24/7 profitability)

  • Receive your profit in real-time.

  • Open a new trade

Analyze. Execute. Track.
Make Profitable Trades on Auto-Pilot

All you have to do is open new trade and let our intelligent bot run the proprietary algorithm to close profitable trades 24/7 automatically.

No more keeping your one eye on the graphics and charts and another on the keyboard to set the commands. Let our powerful trading bot make winning trades twenty times faster than human beings.

Financial growth in turbo

  • Tailored Investment plans
  • Ready-to-use strategies based on trades per day.
  • Face-to-face meetings for VIP clients

It’s easy to start

  • Create an account
    in our platform
  • Complete the Interactive
  • Choose a
  • Run the algorithm
    Setting a trades-per-day goal
  • Withdraw your earnings or
    Become an Expert.

Trade safely using Cryptomachine

The software trades are certified and insured by the International regulator FinaCom Plc.

  • Each investment is insured for up to
    Active Investors
  • All deposits are safeguarded
    in blockchain
    Movement history available for all assets on the platform

Make deposits and withdraw profits

Forget about commissions..

Create a Free Account

Trade Risk-Free Using Artificial Intelligence (It’s Smarter than any Human)


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